Member Benefits

Enactus is organized and have built itself good reputation in developing entrepreneurial skills while students are at university, being a Enactus member does not end at giving people life time benefits and self-sustainability but they can also benefit by gaining various life time skills for example:

  • Time management
  • Leadership skills  
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Career development
  • Social & Business network
  • Traveling.
  • Learn to be responsible

However being a Enactus member especially in UKZN is not about the benefits rather about empowering communities. What you receive comes after what you have given. There are a lot of responsibilities and requirements that come with being a Enactus member. The main ones being commitment, willingness to work in a team and the community, being keen to help, willingness to learn as well as availing yourself to activities and duties that need to be done for  implementing Enactus objectives. Academics are of course acknowledged as being important but being an Enactus-UKZN member means that you have to make time for the team and have to deliver on time, hence, an opportunity to test and improve time management skills. Enactus-UKZN members sacrifice important things especially personal ones these may be include vacations which an ordinary student may consider as being of much importance and lastly the and must be willing to consecutively make such sacrifices. Enactus is fun if you involve yourself and make best use of the opportunity.   

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